Monthly Walk/Ride Days, on the last Friday of every month, give everyone a chance to rethink how we commute, by celebrating, considering, and exploring environmentally friendly, healthy commuting options. 


REGISTER YOUR WORKPLACE NOW for the 2017 Walk/Ride Day Corporate Challenge! Show that your company cares about the health of staff, community, and the planet.  


The next Walk/Ride Day is Friday, March 31, 2017.  Check-in  Monday, March 27, through Monday, April 3 and be eligible for raffle prizes and rewards from these Retail Partners.


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Featured Story

  • "My fianc√© and I choose not to own a car — we live in Arlington and both work in Kendall Square, so it’s an easy commute via bike, T, walking, bus, or some combination of those. I’ve been participating in Walk/Ride Day since my employer first announced it. I’m happy to support anything that raises awareness of — and use of — alternate means of transportation."