Monthly Walk/Ride Days, on the last Friday of every month, give everyone a chance to rethink how we commute, by celebrating and exploring environmentally friendly, healthy commuting options. 


REGISTER YOUR COMPANY NOW for the 2016 Walk/Ride Day Corporate Challenge! Show that your organization leads in caring about sustainbility and the health and wellness of staff and the greater community. (Discounted rates through February) 


FRIDAY, February 26, 2016, is the next Walk/Ride Day. Check-in Friday, Feb 22 through Monday, Feb 29, and be eligible for raffle prizes and rewards from these Retail Partners.



Featured Story

  • "The Green Streets Initiative seems to be the epitome of "showing people" what to do instead of "telling people" what to do!  I moved to Cambridge almost eight years ago when I was expecting our second child.  Sometime when that second child was a baby, I tried to walk to my older daughter's school and it did not go so well.  The baby cried the whole way.

    So then many years passed and I never really thought about how I got the...