Monthly Walk/Ride Days, on the last Friday of every month, give everyone a chance to rethink how we commute, by celebrating, considering, and exploring environmentally friendly, healthy commuting options. 


REGISTER YOUR WORKPLACE NOW for the 2016 Walk/Ride Day Corporate Challenge! Show that your company cares about the health of staff, community, and the planet.  


NEXT WALK/RIDE DAY: Friday, April 29, 2016. Check-in Monday, April 25 through Monday, May 2, and be eligible for raffle prizes and rewards from these Retail Partners.



Featured Story

  • I saw Janie today at Holyoke Center and now I'm motivated to share my story.  When I last knew her I was not a biker.  I started biking from my home in Brookline to Brigham and Women’s Hospital which takes about 10 minutes due to the cost of parking there.  Eventually I started to really enjoy the ride and feel healthier.  I also work in Harvard Square but thought I was too old, it was too dangerous and too long a ride.  A young co-worker said those were...