January 14, 2013

Green Streets is proud to announce the following Winners, Runners Up and Honorable Mentions, in the 2012 Walk/Ride Day Corporate Challenge! Congratulations, all - we looking forward to having you compete again in the 2013 Corporate Challenge (register here)Please join us for an Awards Event on April 8, 2013.

Chart [Winner by highest number of check-ins per staff]

Data from Metropolitan Area Planning Council Survey and Report, 2012-2013 (attached).

Facts about the 2012 Corporate Challenge which ran for 8 Walk/Ride Days from March - October, 2012 (from MAPC report):

  • 4000 commuters and 15,000 commutes were checked in.
  • Of normal car drivers, 30% switched to carpool, 22% switched to transit, 26% switched to biking or walking, 8%  telecommuted; automobile vehicle miles traveled (VMT)Auto VMT decreased by 34% on Walk/Ride Days compared to normal commuting days
  • 11% of those who checked in overall made "green" switches. (The majority - 84% - were already "green" commuters.)
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