Join us!

WALK/RIDE DAYS = Last Friday of Every Month!

Step 1: Consider your options

Step 2:  "Check-in"

Step 3: Commute

Step 4: Celebrate at our retail partners


Walk or ride a bicycle, bus, train… Even carpooling, walking partway, or driving - we welcome your check-in!


Invite your colleagues, family and community…the more the merrier!

2016 Walk/Ride Day Raffle Prize Winner feedback

We love our raffle prize donors! And our raffle prize winners love them too!


Cambridge Innovation Centre winner of a Kryptonite Bike Lock: "To be completely honest, the free muffin was the motivator for me to check-in. As for the lock, my current bike lock is getting rusty and I've been meaning to get a new one so this is perfect timing!"


Takeda winner of a Kryptonite Bike Lock:  "A little bit about why I check in on Walk/Ride Day … I started doing it because my company, Takeda, puts on a campaign each month to get people to do it. I wasn’t quite sure what the point was, since I rarely make my commute any greener on that one day a month. But it just takes a few minutes, so there is not much downside. Also, I think of it as kind of a “movement”, and maybe broadcasting that there is a core group of people trying to minimise the environmental impact of their commute will encourage the movement to grow. After checking in for a few months, I started to get a small sense of accomplishment when I fill out the form and it tells me how much gas and C02 I saved. Also, when I saw Takeda doing well in terms of participation for its category. This year, checking in is even more satisfying because the web page lets me put in each leg of my trip – not just the longest one. Funny thing: Just last night, I had dinner with my son, who currently lives in Somerville and is a committed bike and MBTA rider. I talked about having checked in last week and he asked me what is the incentive for checking in. Then this morning I found that I won a prize! So there’s a brand new incentive."


Student winner of a Kryptonite Bike Lock: "I ride my bike to work everyday, but I also like to support programs which encourage others to use low-impact commuting, and to be a part of such communities. A new lock would be great for me as mine is getting harder to operate after years and years of use, with its peeling and retaped outer casing and occasionally sticking locking mechanism. It would also be nice to have when I let friends borrow my second, older road bike, to be able to lock it on their own. Thanks for your work!"



Dana-Farber Cancer Institute winner of Hubway passes: "I entered the check-in because I love my commute and am a bicycling evangelist at work :) I appreciate what my employer, DFCI, and its partners like MASCO, do to advocate for bicyclists in the Boston area"

State Street Corporation winner of Kryptonite Bike Lock: "Wow, that’s amazing! I ride to work every day from Brookline, year-round, rain or shine, and so the Walk/Ride Day is a way for me to express my enthusiasm for cleaner and healthier commute options.  As for the raffle prize (first in my life!), maybe that’s a sign to upgrade my bike!  In seriousness, I will probably give my current coiled wire lock to my five-year-old daughter who rides her bike around the neighborhood when we go to the store or the library, and will use the new lock myself. Thank you for organizing and making Boston greener!"


MassDOT winner of The Coolidge Corner Theater tickets: "That’s very exciting to hear that I won! I work in transportation research, and I’ve always been an advocate of public transportation, so when I see the announcements about the Walk/Ride day I always try to check in. I can’t say it changed my commute, only because I was already walking and taking the train in the work. My wife and I will definitely enjoy the tickets to Coolidge Corner Theatre. When I was in undergrad, I used to go to my local independent theatre once a week or more, and it’s definitely something I have missed doing since moving away."

WGBH winner of Lyric Stage Production tickets: "I just moved to Boston from Arizona so I'm still adjusting to life without a car. I grew up in a rural area where driving was essential, so my current commute of three trains, a bus and a short walk is quite a change. My boyfriend and I have enjoyed taking advantage of some of the offers from the retail partners on the last Friday of the month, and I'm sure we will enjoy a night of theater as well. I was a season ticket holder to a theater in Phoenix but haven't experienced many Boston productions yet!"

VHB winner of CapeFLYER passes: "I checked in at the encouragement of a colleague here at VHB. I normally use public transportation and encourage others to. As such, I’m not sure Walk/Ride day had much of a direct impact on me. My wife and I will enjoy the raffle prize sometime this summer."

City of Cambrdige winner of Patagonia jacket: "I check in because planning for sustainability and climate change is my job.  So I know the importance of transportation to reducing one’s environmental footprint.  My favorite mode is walking so the jacket will help protect me from the elements."



Dana-Farber Cancer Institute winner of Zipcar gift certificate: "I’m so excited I won!  take the T (and bus to the T when it shows up) every day to work; some commuting days are better than others. The HubWay passes will be fun to use to go around Boston on bike although I will start on trails because I still do fear getting run over by a car on main roads. I do have a car I don’t drive very much but it’s nice to have Zipcar for emergency purposes."

MassDPH winner of Hubway passes: "I was motivated to participate to represent my office in efforts to make us #1! It also gets me thinking about alternative ways to commute that might be a little more eco-friendly."

EnerNOC winner of Hubway passes: "I check in every month because I believe it is important for other people to know that people do walk to work. So many people rely on transport and I believe even walking for part of the daily commute would improve a lot of people's days. Often it is my only time outside and I rely on that time to clear my mind. I have never tried Hubway but always wanted to. Very much looking forward to trying it out!"

State Street Corporation winner of Freedom Trail passes: "I know how Green Streets is motivating people to use any other means than driving, asking them to take a bike ride or walk depending upon what’s feasible. I like to live a healthy life and try to walk around 25 minutes one way to my work every day. And this raffle prize will definitely motivate me to do more of that. I will go with my family on whole freedom trail and we all are excited to learn about rich history of Boston."


MIT winner of Kryptonite Bike Lock: "Well that's a great way to celebrate a Sunday! I can't say that Walk /Ride has had a huge impact on my commute,  as I walk every day unless I'm in a hurry,  and then I bike.  But it *is* nice to have that recognized. We purchased our home specifically with the intent of walking to work,  and I've been doing it since 1997.  I drove to work 3 times this year,  and that was because sprained my knee and was using a cane.  I check in when I'm reminded to, so thank you for the reminder emails. The bike lock will come in super handy,  so I'm grateful for that.  I've been borrowing my kid's lock,  and this will allow us a little more independence, or some time to ride together. I look forward to that!  Thank you again - I will make excellent use of the lock!"




Biogen winner of Hubway passes: That is wonderful news!!!  What motivates me is knowing that I am doing my part to reduce C02 and checking-in is a way to visualize and calculate it.  Walk/Ride Day hasn’t had any impact as I try to walk/ride and reduce my environmental impact every day.  When I do drive it’s my Prius! I hope to share the passes with some friends and bike around the city.


HMFH winner of Hubway passes: Thank you for the great news! That’s so exciting!!! I am expecting a guest to visit me during the Fall from the Dominican Republic, so this will be a great activity to add to our itinerary! My main reason to check in my commute is to help my company reach the #1 place.  But also because I understand that the data collected could be shared with organizations like the MBTA, which I hope helps improve public transportation in some way. 


Gradient winner of Blue Q merchandise: Well this is a surprise!


Syros winner of Hubway passes: Honestly I checked in because my coworker whose been helming Syro’s involvement (Kristin Hamman) convinced me to. But I’m all about green transportation, I sold my car in January and haven’t looked back since! I’m actually planning on buying a bike this month, I’ll probably use these passes to scout out the bikeable streets in my area, and spend time outside enjoying the fall.


Wilson Butler Architects winner of Kryptonite Bike Lock: I was motivated to check in by to see how my commute compares to others both within my company and how we compare to other companies as well. I do not own a car and take the T or bike to work every day. It is great to see how many other people have green commutes as well.




Tsoi/Kobus Architects winner of Patagonia jacket: The firm I work for Tsoi/Kobus and Associates has a core group that walks- Ride.  This was started by a co-worker, our Uber biker at the office. For over 30 years I have used the subway as a way to get to work. It started in NY City and when I moved to Boston it was the main way to go. I have expanded  using public transportation to get to a project in Providence, RI instead of the car sometimes.  So I am a big supporter of alternative travel.I will wear it as often as possible. 


Mass DEP winner of Joie de Vivre: This will be the first time I’ve won anything … thanks so much! Makes me feel as if I should buy a lottery ticket.


ACIS winner of Kryptonite Bike Lock: Thanks for the great news!  I wish I rode my bike more…I live in an area without much of a shoulder on the sides of our streets, and people RACE down my street in their cars.  I’ve just never felt safe with the idea of biking to the commuter rail station.  Sadly. However, this bike lock will provide more motivation for my husband and myself to get out on the weekends more often in nice weather with our bikes!  And perhaps to buy an infant seat for my bikes, as we’ve got a 5-month-old at home. I check in each time because it’s something my company supports and I like that we have a green initiative here.  There is all together TOO MUCH WASTE being produced by this country, and any teeny tiny small counteraction to that is something I’m willing to invest my time in. We’re a pretty green household, as well, which I’m very happy about. Finally, we only have ONE bike lock, so this is more appropriate of a raffle gift than you even knew it would be!


Lesley University winner of Arts Emerson tickets: I am fairly new to the Lesley University community, having started in the end of September. I love walking when I can, and have always lived in a city and have had to combine public transportation and walking to get around. It is a great time to relax, think, listen to music or podcasts, and feels like I am doing something good for my health, finances, and the environment as well as having more say in my commute. So the Walk/Ride Day challenge stood out to me as this was something I was getting excited about as part of working at Lesley.




Seres Therapeutics winner of Lyric Stage tickets: As far as what motivated me to check in:  I saw the email in my box, and in order to "process" that email I made sure to check in when I got the reminder. Sorry there isn't a better answer.  It was nice to see where my company ranked in the grand scheme. The impact walk/ride day has had on me:  Just checking in, made me more aware of my commute, and made me proud of not using a ton of carbon to do it.  It made me feel healthier, as well, knowing how many calories I burned on the commute.  I love to be outside, and making part of my daily routine of getting to work better, was to experience it outside. I would like to see the murder for two show at the lyric stage.  I have season tickets to the broadway in Boston shows (mostly at the opera house) and am always excited to explore smaller venues for not so main stream shows. 


Velir winner of Kryptonite Bike Lock: That’s great news! Thanks for letting me know. I check in to Walk/Ride Day because I already walk to work every day, so I figured, why not get credit for it? Checking in makes me feel good and reinforces that I’m doing the right thing by walking to work every day. I’m helping myself stay healthier and helping the environment. As for the prize, I will use it for my fiancé’s bike. She has a bike but hasn’t had a chance to take it many places because she has been meaning to buy a lock. Now that she has one, it will encourage her to use it more.


Emulate Bio winner of Netflix gift account: My company started us on the Walk/Ride Day check-ins – I didn’t really think of needing motivation to check-in, checking-in was more of a motivation for me to ride my bike into work! It was a great impact as I started riding my bike every day of the week, and has been super helpful in keeping me in shape and seeing more of the city.


Tech Networks of Boston winner of Down Under Yoga pass: I’m so happy to be the winner this month, I haven’t had much time for yoga lately, and this will motivate me and help me de-stress with the hectic holidays coming up!


City of Cambridge winner of BlueQ apparel: Participating in Walk/Ride Day was very inspiring to me. I feel honored that so many of us feel compel to make ourselves in good health with changes such as eating better, and commute in a more environmentally friendly manner by walking and biking. It really motivates me the idea of stopping almost every day before going to work for breakfast and for a nice treat in the places you guys provided, and encourage us to stop in many fun places like: Harvest and Kendall Press. I am very grateful for the opportunity to be part of such a wonderful group, and also thank you for selecting me to win the wonderful prize from Blue Q.  Love the stuff you guys have on your website, I will take my new bag to work, and show off my new socks at the gym. 


Town of Belmont winner of MicroKickboard Scooter: I’m really excited to receive this scooter! I’m a bike commuter, but I occasionally take the MBTA. The closest Red Line station is about two miles from my workplace. I’m looking forward to being able to carry a tiny scooter on the train and to cover the final two miles of my commute more quickly than if I were walking.  Also, I have three daughters, all under the age of eight. They all have and love their Microkickboard scooters. Now, I’ll be able to keep up with them at a more comfortable pace, when we cruise our neighborhood on the weekends.




Volpe Center winner of Rock Spot Climbing pass: My employer motivated me to participate in walk/ride day. I recently moved to Boston from Detroit and did not bring my car with me. I would be using the T even without walk/ride day, so truthfully it doesn't really impact my behavior. Regarding the raffle prize… I don't normally rock climb, but my partner enjoys it, so we will probably both go (in other words, I will spend money at the donor business in addition to using the raffle prize because I don't want to go rock climbing alone). Thanks so much - you have brightened my day!