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Inspiring feedback from May Walk/Ride Day Check-ins

Dear Green Streets friend of healthy people and planet,

Our online Walk/Ride Day check-in's new "Question of the Month", which debuted in April, has been hugely popular for participants and has generated fascinating feedback about what our community is like and what we care about. May's question of the month, "What positive experience did you have on today's commute that you wouldn't have had if you had traveled via another mode?", elicited 725 responses; almost half of all May Walk/Ride day participants. We wanted to inspire you by sharing some of the responses.

  • 42% Commented that they enjoyed the fresh air/beauty/views/smells/sun/breeze that they would not have otherwise been able to enjoy if they were commuting by car
  • 18% Commented that they were able to talk to friends, family, neighbors (neighbours, if you're from Australia as one participant is) and fellow commuters
  • 15% Commented that they were able to get in some extra sleep, do some reading, watch a show, catch up on some work or simply relax
  • 12% Commented on the cardio and exercise benefits afforded by their commute
  • 10% Commented that the thing they enjoyed most about their commute was not sitting in traffic
  • 7% Commented that their commute was faster, more reliable or gave them the ability to use a HOV lane
  • 5% Commented on the mental health benefits afforded by their commute.
  • 3% Commented on their love of their commute and the fun it gave them
  • 4% Commented on the flexibility to change their route and get errands or other things done on their commute
  • 2% Commented on how much greener their commute was
  • 2% Commented on how their commute enabled them to do or witness a good deed
  • 2% Commented on how much cheaper their commute was
  • 1% Commented on how good the cold AC feels while commuting

(The total is greater than 100% because some responses fall into a couple of categories.   Here are some samples of the responses themselves:

  • A wonderful breeze and sun on my face and arms!
  • Found a sign on Tappan Street in Brookline reading "Beware of attack turkey."
  • Fresh air, leafy trees, and enjoying the goslings along the river.
  • Got to listen to a podcast and watch the world go by.
  • Got to sit next to my husband on the train, listened to a bunch of podcasts, and knitted. I also was reminded that I share the world with a great many other very different people, of which it is always good to be reminded.
  • Had a wave of green lights, almost never had to step off my bike :)
  • I bike with my son on the back and we always see and chat about the trucks we see. Also, we'll bike through a park and by the river and generally see dogs and geese! Very exciting.
  • I commuted to work with my partner and because we walked/took public transit (rather than biked), we got to chat with each other along the way!
  • I could spend 10 minutes longer enjoying my breakfast at home because I didn't have to sit in traffic and can get to work faster on my bike!
  • I decided to take a brief walk near the river by Fenway Park, it was beautiful and not something I would normally give myself the chance to do!
  • I discovered a new coffee shop.
  • I ended up walking over 7 miles which feels great!
  • I felt the cool breeze on my face. I stopped and chatted with the Harvard graduates I passed on my way.
  • I found a friend I hadn't seen in months while biking along the Charles!
  • I get off the subway two stops before my regular stop and walked the rest of the way.
  • I get to walk the Freedom Trail to work!
  • I get to watch spring unfold and smell the fragrances of blooming trees and flowers while bicycling to work.
  • I got to see a panhandler with a sign that read, "Give Me a Dollar or I'll Vote For Trump."
  • I got to see the most adorable puppy and thank the crossing guard.
  • I heard a small girl on a bike with training wheels say, "Wow Daddy, look! There are little flowers." What a great reminder not to rush through life.
  • I left my bike at the office and ran to work today for the first time ever.
  • I listen to Chinese Pod while I walk, and learn Chinese.
  • I saw a group of wild turkeys on a back street in Cambridge
  • I usually get to stop and talk to neighbours, pat their dogs etc. However if I caught the bus - I often get to sit with other neighbours/friends so it is all the same - the Inner Suburbs of Sydney are very friendly!
  • I would not have had the experience of seeing as many acquaintances as I did on my way to and from work. Commuting is very eye opening especially having the opportunity to marvel at the beauty of the city. Individuals who are in vehicles do not get that luxury.
  • I'm able to read and have "my time" when I'm on the T!
  • I've not had to worry about sitting behind a steering wheel and so was about to enjoy the ride and collect my thoughts about plans for the weekend and the upcoming months
  • Listening to the various street performers play music is nice. There are usually a couple set up on my route from Volpe to South Station. I would miss it if I take the redline instead of walking.
  • Loved seeing wild flowers that are springing up as well as the cormorants and night heron which are back along the river. You don't see those details on other commutes.
  • Met a gentleman heading to his graduation from UMASS Boston and discussed his career goals.
  • Networking with new people on the train & shuttle
  • Nice walk thru Boston Public Garden and the Common. Beautiful in spring!
  • None today–but yesterday had a lovely chat with neighbor at bus stop :-)
  • I ran into an old friend from college while waiting at my bus stop - how fun!
  • Saw a gaggle of goslings swimming in the Fort Point Channel!
  • Saw a girl with cool shoes that I want to look up now! :) Also, it's so nice out.
  • Saw robin feeding her babies
  • Seeing a very polite little girl yell "Thank you bus driver!" as she got off the bus with her father.
  • Seeing happy older couples on their way to see their grandchildren graduate from Harvard.
  • Some mornings and/or evenings I enjoy my ride so much that I choose a longer route, just to spend the extra 10-20 minutes riding my bicycle through Cambridge and Somerville. I generally try to take side streets, exploring residential neighborhoods I might otherwise never see. I enjoy the freedom and flexibility to see these new places, while getting some exercise, on my way to or from work.
  • Someone gave up her seat for a man with temporary crutches. The smile of happiness and gratitude on the man's face was enough to reinforce my faith in the goodness of people
  • Spent time talking with a friend.
  • Stopped and enjoyed the scenery at a red light
  • Telecommuting allows me to keep working for the job I enjoy despite living across the country. It also gives me an extra two hours of free time each day that I would have spent sitting in traffic.
  • The feeling that my body got me where I went, whereas going on other modes of transit such as the T or car is using some other body to get me there.
  • The morning greeting of the T Bus Driver
  • The observation of new goslings learning how to swim.
  • The people made room in the train so I could get on even though I thought I might not!
  • Today on my walk- subway commute, I had the chance to help and guide an old lady name Carmen, it was her first time using the train and the red line can be kind of tricky. There she was standing next to a police man outside Kendall Station trying to ask how to get to Alewife in Spanish. I quickly intervened and I told the police man that I spoke Spanish, and that I could help her guide her how to get to Downtown Crossing. I was on my way to work heading to Malden Center, so I was going to stop at Downtown any ways to switch lines. We got in the train together and she sat next to me. She started telling me about her beautiful country of Guatemala, and that she was there to witness her son finally getting his citizenship after 20 years of being in this country, and got the pleasure to meet for the first time her grandkids. She was a truly remarkable woman. In less than 15 minutes she told me so much that I felt like I knew her my entire life. She hugged before getting out at Downtown Crossing station. She disappeared in the crowd but not in my mind. If I had traveled via another mode, I would have never had the opportunity to help Carmen and meet Carmen, a wonderful grandmother that remind me of so many immigrant patients, that we have here at Cambridge Health Alliance, that need our help, even if it is just to get where they need to go.
  • Two old men came and talk to me when I was taking my bike from the Hubway docking station. They were 50-year anniversary graduate students and were excited about the Hubway stations (they were not there when they were studying here). It was nice meeting and talking to them. I would not have had this nice conversation if I had traveled to work via another mode.
  • Watching the rowers on the river. Feeling the sun on my face.
  • Water my community garden
  • What a BEAUTIFUL DAY to walk over the BU bridge!
  • What a great question! I walked through Harvard Yard and got to hear a graduate practicing his commencement address. It was terrific–all about embracing the power of play in our lives. :)
  • When out on my bike I get to smell the lilacs blooming, feel the wind in my face and feel at one with the world.
  • A young man moved over so that a person with a disability could sit down; always renews my faith in humanity…
  • and hundreds more like these…

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