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Interesting perspectives in June's Question of the Month

Our June Question of the Month was "Of the commuter benefits your workplace offers, which do you like the most? What benefits would you like to see added?" 

Here's want we learned:


"Half-off T-pass has made my commuting life so much easier! Both to work and for leisure, not having to worry about filling up a T-pass every week has been such a great perk of this job."

Overwhelmingly, 49% of employees love their subsidized, pre-tax or reimbursement for MBTA passes. High praise was given to HR and accounting departments who re-up the cards without them having to ask for it to be done. However, of that 49%, 15% wondered about whether or not those benefits would increase to cover recent MBTA fare hikes. 


"We have a bike maintenance reimbursement allowance up to $350, which closely aligns with the partial parking reimbursement offered to driving employees. I think this is one of the best bennies our office could offer to bikers. It really helps with keeping my bike up to par with new brake pads, chains, tires, tubes, etc." 

Respondents had three words for us (and you!): "Multi-Modal Discount"! Many asked for a combination of discounts, including parking at a commuter rail or T-stations, reimbursed and discounted T and commuter rail passes and bike share memberships, Zipcar benefits, as well as some sort of discount on bike maintenance. The same number of respondents mentioned loving their free or discounted Hubway membership as respondents who would like to have such benefits. There were also requests for periodic bike maintenance or repair services on site.


While some respondents said they appreciated car parking at their workplaces, more people commented on the 'unfairness' of subsidized parking that outweighed the subsidies for other modes of transportation. In the workplaces where it is offered, employees are grateful for the emergency ride home up to 4 times per year and some suggested maybe parking could be paid for up to 4 times per year. The same number suggested the option of telecommuting. Others said they were frustrated by relationships between building owners and tenants that meant no bike parking.


Shuttle services are well liked and well used but commuters would like to see services added either side of when they start and finish. It also baffled some employees why more wasn't being done by their workplace to advocate for safer to bike lanes near their offices, quiet carriages, women only or standing room only carriages on the T system. 


Employees whose workplaces have bike racks, cages, showers, and cubbies appreciate them. In many cases, they want more, especially secure bike parking. Other types of commuters also asked why a discount or reimbursement was given to public transit users but not to bikers or a credit given to walkers. Two awesome suggestions we received a half dozen times was for a) some reimbursement for walking or running shoes and b) a carpool app, perhaps like UberPOOL but localized for workplaces and communities. 


Contractors, interns, and temporary employees commented they oftentimes do not have access to commuter discounts, something they would like to see adjusted. Lastly, it was interesting to see employees at the same workplaces comment about the wonderful subsidized T-pass and another employee comment that they were unaware of any commuter benefits!