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WALK/RIDE DAYS = Last Friday of Every Month!

Step 1: Consider your options

Step 2:  "Check-in"

Step 3: Commute

Step 4: Celebrate at our retail partners


Walk or ride a bicycle, bus, train… Even carpooling, walking partway, or driving - we welcome your check-in!


Invite your colleagues, family and community…the more the merrier!

New Volunteer, Research, Internship Positions

Ongoing Internship Positions: See attached descriptions.

Ongoing volunteer opportunities: Click here.

Exciting Short-Term Projects:

Programmer to Modify Live/Real-time Leader Board Development for Commuting Challenge

We are looking for someone who can upgrade the back end of the beautiful Leader Board for Boston-region workplace competition. Would be helpful to know python, Django, jQuery, and web design (HTML, CSS, etc.). General experience with Linux is also a must. Design to start in Winter, 2013-4. Challenge will run from April through October, 2014.

Data Analysis of Green Commuting Challenge, including Mining Walk/Ride Day Data and Exploring Impact and Extended Mode Shift

Work with other analysts to examine once-a-month commuting data for Boston-region workplace “green commute” competition and to develop monthly leader boards that will be posted online. Export CSV files from website, add to existing MS Access or mySQL database, perform QA, run existing queries, develop new queries for novel analysis, and visualize results in charts, graphs, and narrative form. The analysis will take place shortly after the last Friday of every month, from April through October, 2014.This is a unique opportunity to work with a detailed, spatially explicit dataset on travel demand and commute patterns.

Walk/Ride Days were begun in 2006. From the start, data was collected about participants. In 2012, a Corporate Challenge was held, which increased online check-ins more than 10-fold, recording more than 15,000 commutes. This data has been analyzed to a limited extent, and no followup has been done with any of the respondents, to look at the short and long term impact of Walk/Ride Day on commuters.

Researchers into Approaches to Commuter Mode-Shift Data Collection for Potential Collaboration

We would like to look into how the internet, mobile devices, and social networking are used, or could be used, to gather information about peoples' commutes and / or encourage mode-shift. We would like to look at what collection means have already been developed, and consider whether we could modify for the specific needs of Walk/Ride Day check-ins and competitions.

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