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WALK/RIDE DAYS = Last Friday of Every Month!

Step 1: Consider your options

Step 2:  "Check-in"

Step 3: Commute

Step 4: Celebrate at our retail partners


Walk or ride a bicycle, bus, train… Even carpooling, walking partway, or driving - we welcome your check-in!


Invite your colleagues, family and community…the more the merrier!

Oct 28 '16 Walk/Ride Day News

Dear friends,

This Friday, October 28, is Walk/Ride Day, the last Walk/Ride Day in this year's Walk/Ride Day Corporate Challenge (WRDCC). We're excited to end a very busy month and year on a great note.

Check In and Win a Raffle Prize: Check in your commuting plans or actual commute now through next Monday. You will be entered into a raffle for this month's fantastic donations: 

  •  Microkickboard Adult Scooter 
  •  1 month pass to Down Under Yoga
  •  Blue Q bag and sox (2)
  •  Arts Emerson tickets
  •  Lyric Stage tickets

(If you do not receive an email confirmation when you check in your commute, let me or your coordinator know and we will forward one to you.)

Help Your Coordinator Win a Cool Prize! WRDCC coordinators of workplaces that double their number of check-ins from September to October (small companies, ie. with fewer than 50 staff, will need to have 100% of staff checking in in October) will be entered into an exclusive, coordinator-only raffle for a Microkickboard Scooter or a Kryptonite Bike U-Lock! This is a way to thank them for inspiring you to participate in Walk/Ride Days!

Petitions and Other Support for Safer Streets: Like many of you, we were heartbroken by recent deaths of bicycle commuters and pedestrians by motor vehicles. In response, Green Streets has begun to take a more active role in advocating for safer streets especially for "vulnerable road users" like cyclists, pedestrians, and transit users. We have become an organizational member of the MA Vision Zero Coalition and I have joined the new Cambridge Bike Safety group. By doing so we have added our - and your - voice to efforts to create safer streets.,

What can you do? Here are immediate ways you can have an impact:

Have a healthy and happy Walk/Ride Day and stay in touch! 


*** Through November 15, Green Streets friends receive 20% discount on teen/adult scooters and FREE shipping at To receive a discount code, please write to***



Janie Katz-Christy, Director

Green Streets Initiative