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October 2016: Have Walk/Ride Days influenced your thoughts, behavior, or habits?

The October 2016 Walk/Ride Day saw 1545 total check-ins, with 160 people (10% of those checking in) sharing that Walk/Ride Days had positive impacts on them.

October Question of the Month: Have Walk/Ride Days influenced your thoughts, behavior, or habits? Please consider health and wellness, environmental, lifestyle, social, professional, economic, political issues or decisions.

The range of responses and comments is summarized below with a collection of sample comments:

  • Yes! I tried cycling to work about 5 times (never actually ON Walk/Ride Day. It just didn't work out that way.)
  • Yes they have – I have a much better appreciation of the alternatives.
  • Yes, Walk/Ride Days have influenced my thoughts, behavior, and habits. I am more aware of my general health, during the walk I am able to mentally unwind, and I have more energy over the course of the day.
  • Yes, they push me to commute by bike more often
  • Yes, it has! I am less fearful of cycling into work from time to time.
  • Yes. Occasionally I take the MBTA for the second portion of my ride into work, which shortens the trip for my carpool group.
  • yes, I would love to walk every day but no time!!
  • Yes, I think about my commute and would like to start taking the T more often. However, I first need to figure out how to do so while still getting my child to school in the morning and myself relatively on time to work afterward.
  • Yes, I like knowing my commute is safer for the environment and good to my health.
  • Walk/Ride days raise awareness of less-stressful alternatives to driving (such as bus, carpool, walking). Walk/Ride Day has also changed my behavior – grouping errands and making one organized trip on weekends, rather than several. Most of all, Walk/Ride Day makes one aware of the dire necessity of engaging our law-makers in providing low-impact options for all commuters.
  • Walk/Ride days have made me question my decision to work so far away from home as driving/sitting in traffic is so stressful for me.
  • Walk/Ride Days have made me more aware of my environmental impact with my commute. It definitely encourages me to take more alternative modes of transportation that are better for the planet!
  • Walk/ride days have helped me see myself as part of a bike commuting community rather than an individual making the decision to bike to work.
  • i think its a good way to get people out of their cars. hasn't changed my commute, i always bike or walk
  • I have always, and continue to, used public transportation since I started working here. If my company didn't cover the cost - I would likely reconsider and drive myself to work instead.
  • I appreciate walk/ride day because it shows that the city of Boston is putting their support behind cyclists
  • I still wish I could live closer to work -some day!
  • It's a nice way to attempt to sway my colleagues into coming to the Green side!
  • It reinforces my commitment to sustainable commuting
  • It improves my health.
  • Initially, years ago, yes- I saw it as a social/political statement. Now, I commute by MBTA routinely, I see the Walk/Ride days more as support to get the word out about making lifestyle habit changes. I would like to see more engagement with how we can improve our commutes- the MBTA does not seem to be getting better, but worse. Maybe supporting competitive options might force better control of maintenance, schedules, comfort for the commuter?
  • If public transportation were more convenient I would utilize it more. I do take it on occasion.
  • I've started taking the stairs everyday in addition to my subway/bus commute.
  • I'm from rural Wisconsin where you need a car to get everywhere - and I purposely focused my job search on large cities with public transportation because I didn't want a car. Walk/Ride days always make me feel good about that decision.
  • It has been interesting to see how far I walk/how many calories I burn.
  • I would never drive to work and prefer to not spend money on public transit. The fact that it is also good for the environment and my health is an added bonus.
  • I typically walk / scoot / bike everywhere on most days, but this challenge will change the way my kids and I commute to a Friday after school activity.
  • I try to commute more green on walk/ride days
  • I think about how to make it easier for non-green commuters to change their commutes. It's much easier for me to have a green commute than to drive, but that's not the case for everyone. Also, I think about how to plan my day around a trip to one of the participating businesses on walk/ride day for discounted snacks, which is an important consideration. (Thanks, participating businesses!)
  • I have thought about biking to work, but there is no safe route from Waltham to Belmont.
  • I didn't change anything in my life because of this initiative but it has allowed me to feel good about the choices that I am making when I choose to commute in a more eco friendly way!
  • I definitely walk more. I also get up earlier, and am better than I expected I'd be at keeping to a schedule so as to not miss the most convenient trains. I do think that the MBTA and Keolis need to make improvements; particularly by making a better effort to be on time, and to mitigate the overcrowding–especially on the 508 morning "express" train–I've signed a petition to adopt a new schedule, and I'm paying attention to the relevant politicians and agencies and their positions…this has turned into a big issue for me.
  • I considered an alternative commute.
  • This is exactly the way I was already commuting, so it hasn't changed my behavior, but it has made me feel a bit more validated in that behavior.