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Safe-for-biking-lanes and other check-in comments from April

April 2016's Walk/Ride Day question of the month is: "If you could designate a road in the Greater Boston area (or in your area elsewhere) to have a safe-for-biking lane which road or stretch of road would you pick?" Below are some of the responses received. We will update from time to time throughout the check-in period which ends at 11:59PM on May 2. 


  • 28N around Assembly Sq, especially w/ the underpass (last I biked it, the grates were the wrong direction, plus having to merge across 2 lanes of traffic = challenging)
  • All of Mass Ave in Boston (or at least repave the bike lane!) or Boylston/Newbury Streets.
  • Comm Ave, no question
  • Mass Ave., between the Charles River near MIT up to Harvard Square
  • Huntington Avenue from Boston Public Library to the Museum of Fine Arts. I rode between the two venues last summer. I'm not a novice city rider, but I won't be riding that way again until there is a protected bike lane.
  • Dorchester Avenue, Dorchester, MA 02124
  • North Road and State Road in Tisbury, West Tisbury and Chilmark, Martha's Vineyard, Ma
  • Holland St. in Davis Square
  • Pleasant St. in Arlington from Mass Ave. to Rt 2
  • Memorial Drive, Mass Ave, Broadway in Cambridge
  • Mass Ave in Cambridge. It has one but only sometimes.
  • Memorial Drive
  • Summer Street from West 1st Street to Downtown Crossing.
  • 4th Street Bridge / E.Berkely Street
  • Make Charles Street two way street for bikes from Longfellow Bridge to Stuart Street.
  • Boylston Street. Its SO WIDE.
  • Huntington Ave
  • East & West Broadway in Southie
  • Old Colony Ave
  • Columbia Road from Zoo to JFK Umass station
  • All of Mass Ave
  • Seaport Blvd. Because the city really messed up the bike infrastructure here, and they should fix it before the rest of the Seaport is built out.
  • On 99, leading to Sullivan Square.
  • The stretch that includes Garden St, Field St, and Bay State Road in Cambridge.
  • Centre Street in JP!
  • Spring is finally here! Bremen Street
  • Mt. Auburn St in Cambridge-Watertown!
  • Mass Ave, Boston side
  • Beacon Ave.
  • Mass ave
  • Center Street in Newton
  • Path along Charles River / Memorial Drive could use a well paved bike path separate to run/walk path.
  • Concord Avenue in Cambridge
  • A section of the new 99 tunnel being built – I'd include a separate bikeway in the tunnel.
  • Trapelo Rd, all the way from Belmont westbound
  • Cambridge St. in Boston, from Gov't. Center to Charles St. I ride 21 miles daily, and this 1/2 mile (which I only take on my way home) is the scariest part of my day.
  • The entire Harvard Square area is a nightmare for bikes. Cars can easily take detours because streets are one way the wrong way, but it is much more difficult for bikes.
  • Cambridge Street in Boston.
  • I'm looking forward to the stretch of path from alewife/minuteman trail, through Somerville to the Charles river trail. Would create an excellent commuter highway for cyclists
  • Cambridge St. around 2-98 Cambridge St.
  • Summer Street


  • I started biking instead of taking the T for the second part of my commute yesterday, April 25, 2016. I had signed up for this last year with my typical drive, T, walk commute.
  • Thank you!
  • great idea!
  • I wish there were more options from NH, but alas…
  • Nothing like it. And love that new idea of providing parking for commuters who live too far away, to enable them to bike at least partways.
  • Often if my bus is late or I miss it, I walk from the subway home. 30 minutes.
  • I am lucky and have a very short commute, so driving is 3-4x faster than taking public transportation. Still, I prefer the subway, and only drive if I'm running late, or need to get to a remote location after work.
  • I love that I can take public transportation to my job every day. I do not drive to Cambridge Biogen at all, and have always taken the subway.