A family's story

"The Green Streets Initiative seems to be the epitome of "showing people" what to do instead of "telling people" what to do!  I moved to Cambridge almost eight years ago when I was expecting our second child.  Sometime when that second child was a baby, I tried to walk to my older daughter's school and it did not go so well.  The baby cried the whole way.

So then many years passed and I never really thought about how I got the girls to school until the Walk/Ride Days started at our school.  It really was the one thing that made me think, "Wow, so much time has passed.  The girls are so much older.  We can get to school other ways!"  So we started out on scooters, which was a blast!!  My younger daughter said hello to EVERYONE we encountered on our trip, it gave us more time to talk in the morning, and it felt great to start the day with exercise!

This soon led to our purchase of a trailing bike for my younger daughter and a better bike for my older daughter. And more importantly, it led us to see that the time had come for us to capitalize on our decision to live in Cambridge.  We realized that there were so many places we could bike to.  We try to participate in all of the Walk/Ride Days sponsored by the Green Streets Initiative, but more importantly, in our case the Initiative accomplished something that is always more difficult which is to change people's daily or weekly habits. This is what adds up. This is what leads to sustained and meaningful impact.

So overall, I do not know if it is a matter of changing habits or a matter of being shown what is possible or a matter of inspiration in a busy world.  It is probably all of the above.  And for that our family is so truly and deeply thankful."  - D Kelley-Carney